Monday, May 11, 2009

14. How To Moisturize Lips

Some of us are just prone to having dry lips. There is not enough Chapstick, Blistex, or Carmex in the world that will get rid of the dry peeling skin that seems to build and never go away. It's just not enough and it's embarrassing to look at and its embarrassing to be kissed when you have them. Go here to learn how to get rid of the dry skin and how to moisturize lips.

13. Personal Alarm

Using a personal alarm is a very effective way to get rid of someone who may mean you harm. The piercing loud noise will not only alert everyone in the surrounding areas that something is going on and someone may need help, but it can quite possibly startle and scare of the attacker fearing that someone may come and see what they are up to.

Go here to learn more about getting a personal alarm.

12. Slacker 2GB Wifi Radio

Slacker radio isn't like a MP3 player where you download your favorite songs, but it's also not like a streaming radio either. Slacker Radio updates regulary your song list by WiFi and then randomly plays the songs saved in the player. Go here to learn more about Slacker 2GB Personal Wifi Radio Player

11. Color Electronic Cigarettes

The majority of smokeless cigarette websites only sell e-cigs that look like traditional cigarettes. The general assumption seemingly that smokers would want an alternative smoking device that looked just like their regular tobacco smokes. This is proving to be not the case. Go here to learn more about getting a color electronic cigarette instead.

10. Gerber Finger Foods

Located near the Gerber Graduates line of food for toddlers in the baby food section, Gerber Finger Foods Fruit Puffs are an awesome starter finger food. My daughter started on these at 6 months and she absolutely loved them.Go here to learn more about Gerber Finger Foods fruit puffs.

9. Scrapbooking Embellishment Supplies

Sometimes the most memorable scrapbooking items are the one that come from around the house. Items that can bring back memories or items that are just a reminder of the daily life for the family in the pictures. Go here to learn more about what you can use around the house for scrapbooking embellishment supplies

8. Super Soft Feet

Super soft feet are sexy feet. Many times, our feet are ignored and left to become rough and calloused. Luckily, the methods to change that and make them super soft and sexy is really very easy and can be achieved with very little effort. Read more to learn how to get soft feet